To update and modify class products, log in to your website editing area from GoDaddy, and from the left menu, click on “Products” or “All products”

From here you can choose which class to edit. Let’s edit the Puppy Class!
At the top of the screen you will see that the name of the class is Puppy, and then a description is written on it.

Let’s scroll down to the section labeled “Product data”

From here there’s a sub-menu on the left that lists General, Inventory, Shipping, etc.

We want to edit the Attributes! Click on Attributes in the left sub-menu.

the center of the screen changes, and if you click on the “class time” area, an editing area will open. You will see that we have “Thursdays at 10am” currently listed.

To change the time of class, all you have to do is change that value. Once you have changed it, click on the blue “Save attributes” button.

Once the attributes are changed, click on the Variations just under “attributes” in that left sub-menu.

You will see that product #119 is listed, click on it to open the editing area. Here you will see that the price and the STOCK level can be set. Simply click up or down or manually edit the number to change these.

Scroll down after you are done and click on the “Save changes” button to finish your editing!